Welcome to the Jungle!

Following three (3) years of buiding, developing, and system testing, etc. we have finally launched our Jungle Creative Retreat!

We now have rental postings on Airbnb, Trip Advisor, FlipKey and now CSMbelize.com! We have already had a flurry of rentals, which has afforded us to start to get feedback and look at the direction we are going with a marketing plan.

Since our launch we have added meals, outside of a breakfast which is provided. We are now starting to coordinate tours for guests. With a number of local tour guides, and a bevy of attractions it has become a "hit" out of the gates. Who knows what's next....a liquor license? (Little known FACT - I have a college degree in Mixiology!)

We still have a number of issues to work out but they are now turning into improvement projects and additions for our guests! I would LOVE to get our canoe shipped to Belize, but the full sized vessel will have to wait, as shipping costs are crazy, more than the value of the canoe.

Lucy Martinez has also become our Manager and she is a blessing!. Her experience in the hosptality industry has been a major boost to our progress. Lucy started out doing a weekly property check and has now progressed to become the "face" of the Casa Santa Maria. Her ability and resourcefuliness is outstanding. Her marketing knowledge has also surprised us. Lucy is a KEY component of our efforts in Belize.

Over the last couple years I have started to compile a library of stock images of Belize. I finally have organized them for sale on my website. www.jhagenphotography.com. I will only be selling digital images at this time, but for anyone looking to devlop a website or promotional materials my Royalty-Free images are now available for sale. I will continue to add to the galleries and eventually make them searchable. I'm also available for commisioned shoots, so if you are interested in having your lot or house photographed you can contact me directly at jhagenphotography@me.com.

For any photographers out there....I will also be setting up a couple photoshoot opportunities each year. This spring I will be offering several model shoots at CSM with veteran model - Brennan Hill. Brennan is from North Carolina and will be joining us for a week. I'm currently finalizing the dates, if you are interested contact me directly - jhagenphotography@me.com.

I have had the CSM studio set and have done full-on shoots with studio lights, etc......plus we have some of the most amazing dream locations I have ever seen!

Check out the our newest website for more information on Belize and Casa Santa Maria - www.csmbelize.com

#canoe #MacalRiver #offthegrid #Belize

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