Tata Duende

The Tata Duende is a mythical goblin of folklore of Belize Maya origin, considered as a powerful spirit that protects animals and the jungle. This creature has appeared on a postage stamp of Belize as part of a series on the folklore.The name Tata Duende come from the Maya word "Tata" meaning Grandfather or old and the word "Duende" is Spanish for goblin. In Yucatec Maya the tata Duende is known as Nukux Tat.

The Tata Duende is generally described as being of small stature that has a size of about 1.2 m high, has a beard, is wrinkled, lacks thumbs, has his feet backwards, and wears a large brimmed hat.

He is characterized as a very short but very strong man with his feet pointing backwards.

The Tata Duende has been used to scare children into behaving.[1]

The creature was investigated on a 5th season episode of Destination Truth, where it was speculated that Tata Due

nde sightings might actually be of the indigenous spider monkey.[2]

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