Leopard Productions stay with CSM

Earlier this year, the production team for House Hunters International - Off the Grid made the Casa Santa Maria their headquarters for a week!

Casa Santa Maria's manager Lucy Martinez hosted the crew, assisting with charging their batteries and equipment, preparing sleeping quarters and feeding the crew. Lucy prepared the menu for the week, including breakfast, lunch and dinners. Lunch guests included special guests and auxillary staff, sometimes reaching as many as 17 people. Lucy's dinner menus ranged from Curried Shrimp to a Steak BBQ.

This week the episode aired in Canada. It featured some of the landscapes and eco homes within Better in Belize. We even got some cameos of Joe Martinez and the Martz Farm, which is included on our tour recommendations for Casa Santa Maria website.

I have included a couple screen shoots from the program. I'm sure you'll be able to catch a repeat performace on the HGTV website.

The experience with Leopard Productions taught us early, that you have to be organized and prepared for all potential situations. We actually learned that we have the capability to handle guests' food needs to create a better experience for our guests.

Everyone that stays at Casa Santa Maria is encouraged to provide us with feedback to make guests'experience truly an amazing feature of their vacation in Belize.

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