La Capitana Pontoon Boat Tour

Since starting our rental program at Casa Santa Maria, I get lots of questions on local activities and tours. We have been getting such a wide range of people staying with us, it is really hard to make a solid recommendation for them.

My personal favorite tour, in Cayo is the La Capitana Pontoon Boat on the Macal River. I have taken the boat tour everytime I visit our property. You can even catch the raft at the waterfront at the base of our trail. The rustic vessel has lots of character including the local guides. Lazaro Martinez is usually heading the river tour, utilizing his vast knowledge of the river and the wildlife along the banks of the Macal.

The tour includes stops at three waterfalls, all different with beautiful vistas. The Rio Freo Falls is directly across from Better in Belize and an easy hike to the falls and swimming hole. You could probably spend the better part of your day at this one location.

Every time I take the tour I experience something new. We have photographed everything from bats, perched on a rock face, iguanas sunning on the river banks, a white hawk soaring above the river, and even a tapir swimming across the river. You just never know what you will experience.

Tours can be molded to your hiking, and swimming abilities, and most times you can either book for a couple hour cruise or a longer tour including some hiking, swimming and even lunch. Just a great way to spend a day, minutes from the Casa Santa Maria.

For me the $90.00 usd per person is worth every cent!. All tours and activities can now be booked and purchased on this website.

In a future post I will outline the horseback riding opportunity (2 miles away) at the Martz Farm. Another outstanding Belizean experience, right in our backyard.

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