Retreat in the Rainforest

Casa Santa Maria's original concept was to provide an exclusive, off the grid retreat for photographers, writers, artists and people just looking to refresh.

With the ability to gain on-line exposure through Air BnB, VRBO, and Trip Advisor, and increasing flight connections we have discovered a strong tourism market, especially from the southern United States. We have had guests from Florida, California, Oregon, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Michigan, Georgia and North Carolina.

Our guests have assisted us in providing feedback to refine our facilities and services, as we grow. Lucy Martinez, our manager has also been a key piece of the puzzle for our development. Lucy can provide full guest services including custom meals along with coordination of tours and activities.

The remote location of the Casa Santa Maria provides the perfect creative retreat and now we can provide an exclusive, all inclusive environment for our guests. We also have a couple of activities within two miles for easy access. We are currently promoting a horseback tour and pontoon river tour, located at the Martz Farm. Both exclusive activities are an outstanding value and provide experienced guides. We also have guided tours to Tikal Mayan Ruins, Cave Tubing, etc.

Even with all the interest from tourists, we are still providing creative retreats for artists. On September 19th, I will be running our second Photography Adventure at Casa Santa Maria. This exclusive trip is affordable and includes ground transportation, all meals, along with a private guest room. The September event will once again include a professional model and several local locations including three waterfalls, an equestrian farm, and even at a Mayan Ruins. Other locations include the landscapes of the Belizean Rainforest, wildlife and lots of cultural, street and wildlife photography opportunities.

As we head into our second season, we are looking to increase our Canadian and European guests. Our next photography will likely be in April 2016.

Stay tuned!

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